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Antistatic additives

Antistatic Agent

The product is made from natural plant materials, as antistatic agent, it has inner lubrication and demolding capacity, working mainly through the following ways:
1. A conducting channel is established to bring the charge to the ground wire.
2. The internal antistatic agent is dispersed into the polymer during extrusion process, after extrusion, antistatic agent can migrate to form a uniform layer of the hydrophilic polymer surface material covered in the polymer surface, and then absorb moisture in the air to form conductive path, in order to improve the electrical conductivity of the polymer surface.
Recommended dosage: 0.1%-1.0%, specific dosage is related to the product, determined by experiment.
Storage: Un-dangerous products with moisture absorption feature. Store & transport in dry, ventilate and sealed condition, expir y 24 months later in sealed condition.
Package: 25KG per  bag.

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